Institute for Supply Management Membership

Thank you for your interest in membership with ISM Miami Valley. As a member of ISM Miami Valley, Inc. you will not only receive valuable information from the Institute for Supply Management, you will also gain valuable contacts within your community during monthly meetings and educational functions. Be a part of a growing association run by and for purchasing and materials management professionals.

Who Should Join

Anyone involved in the purchasing or materials process, including without limitation, purchasing, purchasing research, value analysis, inventory control, materials management, supply chain management, or any other activity or function which is related to the purchasing or materials process.

  • A full-time teacher of, or researcher into, purchasing or materials management.
  • An editor, business manager, or secretary employed by an ISM affiliate.
  • An undergraduate or graduate student enrolled full time in an accredited college or university.

16 Reasons You Should Join the Institute for Supply Management

  1. Inside Supply Management
    Our monthly magazine contains national and international information on new trends and developments in the profession plus insightful “how-to” articles. The magazine is published exclusively for ISM members.
  2. Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing ISM Report on Business® (ROB)
    Published in Inside Supply Management, our monthly survey of purchasing statistics is the first of its kind. It’s considered by many economists to be the most reliable, near-term economic barometer available today.
  3. Unlimited Access to ISM’s Web Site
    Unlock the possibilities of this valuable research tool. Members can search an extensive database for information and articles on supply management issues, take part in professional forums, contact their local affiliates or other related organizations, and learn about ISM’s assortment of educational products and services. Members also have access to:

    • The Online Career Center – where you can search a database of employment listings from across the country, post your resume for organizations to see, or take advantage of other career-enhancing tools.
    • The ISM Online InfoCenter – members can search an expansive articles database via the Internet, access the Frequently Asked Questions table, search ISM’s Bid Specifications Database, and take advantage of free Resource Guides.
  4. Purchasing Advocate
    No one understands better than ISM how purchasing affects the bottomline. One of our objectives is to promote the purchasing profession. Members have access to all ISM printed and electronic materials to help promote purchasing within the organizational infrastructure. We can help you communicate your value-added contributions to the senior management of your organization.
  5. Affiliates
    Gain valuable contacts within your community during monthly meetings and educational functions. Keep on top of local industry changes and commodity trends. Be a part of a growing association run by and for purchasing and materials management professionals.
  6. Certifications (CPSM® and CPSD™)
    The CPSM® (Certified Professional in Supply Management) is the gold standard of supply management credentials. It is proof that you have mastered specific core competencies and can apply them in your daily role to create winning outcomes. As demographics continue to change, organizations increasingly need experts to implement or oversee their supplier diversity programs. With a CPSD™ (Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity®), you can become the expert they need and guide them to make intelligent and profitable supplier diversity decisions. An ISM certification is a highly valued professional credential. Utilizing a robust methodology and adhering to set standards, ISM certification is created from the guidance of supply management professionals across industries, roles and experience levels. It measures your excellence across a broad scope of critical supply management concepts. And, once you are certified, an ISM certification allows you to use a prestigious designation after your name. An ISM certification is dynamic and evolves with the profession — we require you to re-certify, proving you have kept current with the profession through continuing education. ISM continues to allow those individuals holding the C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager) or A.P.P. (Accredited Purchasing Practitioner) certifications previously earned to re-certify.
  7. Committees
    Acquire new skills in planning, managing, and organizing while developing your leadership potential. Some committee members report on economic conditions (the primary statistics become the highly-respected Report onBusiness®), direct ISM’s annual conference, assist in program development, and much more. Only ISM members can participate.
  8. Special Interest Groups and Forums
    Gain a deeper understanding of your purchasing specialty and develop valuable connections across the U.S. when you join an ISM special interest group or forum. ISM has groups in interest areas ranging from materials management to health care providers, to federal acquisitions. Only through ISM can you participate in the ISM special interest groups or forums.
  9. Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies (CAPS)
    ISM members receive purchasing-related research studies and benchmarks free from CAPS, the only national not-for-profit research center in purchasing and materials management. CAPS sponsors three international roundtables throughout the year in North America, Europe, and Asia. Participants include more than one hundred Fortune 500 companies.
  10. Seminar Discounts
    Enhance your professional development and job performance when you enroll in ISM seminars taught by experienced instructors. Over 90 seminars are conducted annually throughout the United States; intensive, one-week purchasing management programs are also conducted at selected universities. Members save up to $200 on each two-day seminar and $400 on each management program. Our satellite seminar series addresses different purchasing/supply management issues and is offered several times throughout the year. This live program allows you to interact with speakers and peers without leaving your city or affiliate area.
  11. Professional Development Resources
    Over 80 different audio/video programs and over 50 different books to choose from. All programs are designed to heighten your acumen in a variety of subjects, including: global sourcing, negotiations, legal issues, and supply management. Video tapes are easily adaptable to individual or group presentations. Publications include: textbooks, workbooks, the TECHnotes series, with subject matter covering purchasing topics plus general business information. These professional development resources accommodate your unique schedule and pace, and ISM members save on all purchases and rentals.
  12. Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit
    Network with 2000 peers at the only international conference devoted exclusively to purchasing and supply management. Examine emerging trends and challenges during comprehensive workshops conducted by your peers. Workshop presenters are selected as a result of ISM’s “Call for Presentations.” The conference attracts distinguished speakers to discuss current national and international issues and features several sessions highlighted by prominent corporate leaders. Members receive significant savings on registration fees.
  13. The Journal of Supply Chain Management
    The nation’s first scholarly journal devoted exclusively to purchasing and materials management research and development. New members receive more than one-half off the 1 year subscription rate.
  14. Recognition and Awards
    Earn recognition when you are rewarded for exemplary service to ISM and the profession at large. The J. Shipman Gold Medal, established in 1931, is the purchasing profession’s highest honor; other awards are given to ISM members for outstanding performance in the categories of Education/Learning, Innovation/Creativity, Leadership, Marketing/Communicating and Volunteerism.
  15. ISM Knowledge Center
    Members can enroll in a free course on cost/price analysis, or take one of the growing number of other self-directed online courses and earn Continuing Education Hours toward recertification.
  16. Member-Get-A-Member Campaign
    Once you are a member, you can receive valuable rewards by recruiting others into your professional association – ISM. Campaigns are run each year, giving members a continual opportunity to win.