ISM Certification

ISM Miami Valley is pleased to provide the Juanita Vertrees Educational Grant. Details are below:

1. Up to $2500 per grant for up to two grants annually to be used by the recipient(s) in pursuit of higher education in the field of Supply Chain Management/Purchasing, the attainment of ISM certification, or to further their career in Supply Chain Management by attending seminars offered by the local ISM affiliate. The Grant is a reimbursement of monies paid out for education received. However, Grant monies may be given in advance upon board approval.

2. Payment of membership dues in the ISM Miami Valley if candidate meets the “hardship membership renewal reimbursement” requirements. Note: No dues for full time students.

3. Four paid ISM sponsored monthly meetings, if not paid by member’s employer.


1. Grants are open to current members (and their children) of ISM-Miami Valley and any student currently enrolled in a Miami Valley accredited institution of higher learning in the Supply Chain Management profession.

2. Applicant must be a high school graduate or its equivalent.

3. The recipient will be awarded the scholarship for a six month period of and the recipient may re-apply within each year thereafter for the second annual grant.

4. The recipient of the grant is requested to attend at least four (4) monthly meetings, with the cost being absorbed by the association if the member’s company is not reimbursing the recipient already.


1. Proof of acceptance into a school of higher learning to pursue your objectives or paid registration to accredited ISM seminar.

2. A completed ISM Miami Affiliate Application form.

3. Personal letter of intent stating a sincere interest in pursuing their personal objectives in the supply chain management field

4. Letter from immediate supervisor or college instructor indicating the applicant’s qualifications, indicating that you would be a deserving recipient.

5. Submittal of invoice receipts or class registration from the educational institution from which you been accepted to attend or have attended.

Selection Procedure

1. Grant(s) will be announced at a monthly meeting of the NAPM-Miami Valley Affiliate.

2. Applications will be available by accessing the ISM-Miami Valley website at

3. Applications must be submitted no later than November 1 and/or July 1 of each grant year. As an example, the Grant year is from June 2016 to May 2017.

4. Selection committee will be composed of at least three (3) members of the local ISM Miami Valley board but, no person on the selection committee can be related to any of the applicants or be an applicant themselves for the scholarship. The selection of this committee will be final and without appeal.

5. The selection committee will review the application and the required submittals and from this information make their selection(s) no later than December 1, & August 1.

6. The selection committee will submit their recommendations to the board for approval.

7. The grant(s) will be awarded at the January, & August, monthly Board meeting(s) recipients must be present at the January or August Board meeting to receive the grant.

9. The selection committee is under no obligation to award any grant if they feel none of the applicants qualify.

10. Notification of the committee’s selection will be mailed to each recipient and the results will be posted on the ISM Miami Valley website

Grant Application